Mainstreaming Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education is concerned with total health of the learner and the community. Besides physical health, it includes mental and emotional health of the learners. Health is often a state of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

The aim of Mainstreaming Health and Physical Education is to enable the student to attain an optimum state of health, by incorporating each of the aforementioned aspects.

Overall Objectives of Health and Physical Education:-

  1. To develop awareness regarding the importance of physical fitness in individual and social life including Life Skills.
  2. To bring the overall awareness of values with regard to personal health and fitness, and to inculcate among students the desired habits and attitudes towards health to raise their health status.
  3. To make the pupils physically, mentally and emotionally fit and to develop such personal and social qualities that will help them to be good human beings.
  4. To take action individually and collectively to protect and promote (i) own health (ii) health of family members: and (iii) health of the surrounding community and seeking help when required from available community resources.